What are Exit Polls and how can they help your business?

What are Exit Polls and how can they help your business?

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An exit poll is a quick survey that your customers take before they leave your establishment. Exit polls usually comprise of a few short questions asked by a member of your team to a customer or client who has finished their business with you, and is about to leave your store or building.By asking your customers these questions (such as “How was your service today?”), you can gain useable results and analytics that can help you improve your business and your customer service. Exit polls are typically completed on a handheld device, such as a tablet or iPad, as this allows the customer to fill in the results quickly, and carry on with their day.

Customers don’t often enjoy being interrupted, especially as they’re about to leave your establishment, but it’s easy to politely explain that your company is looking to improve their service, and ask if they’d mind taking just a couple of minutes to fill out a quick poll.

Exit polls are largely number-based results, which makes it easier for the program that you’re using to compile the results into viewable and user-friendly data. From this data, you’ll be able to see what parts of your customer service and business interactions need improving, and which ones are doing fine just as they are.

By receiving feedback from customers, you’re opening your business up to improvements. Customers will always have an opinion of the service they’ve received, and it’s best to listen to them and take on board any comments to keep your business ahead of any of your competitors.The data that you compile from your customers is invaluable. Involving your customers in any process within your company is always a great idea, because it shows that you’re willing to take feedback onboard and engage with your customer base on a regular basis.

When you achieve high levels of customer satisfaction from your customer service, your customers are more likely to return and use your services. Not only this, but they’ll be more willing to spread the word about your business, leave positive reviews on your website and social media pages, and be happier to be contacted in the future for more research.

If you’re concerned about introducing exit polls into your business at first, you could try implementing it as a reward system for you customers. Ask one of your employees to man a stand near the entrance or exit of your establishment, offering treats or a prize raffle for anyone who completes the exit poll. Similarly, if you have a large online customer base, you could email customers with the poll once they’ve finished their business on your website (once they’ve made a purchase/checked out etc.).Exit polls are the perfect strategy for businesses that are struggling or feel like they’ve hit a stand-still in their customer dealings. They’ll be able to give customers a chance to tell you what they think of your service, while remaining anonymous; which most will prefer.

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