Turn-off Chocolate Marketing Techniques to Avoid but Work Towards Better Brand Awareness

Turn-off Chocolate Marketing Techniques to Avoid but Work Towards Better Brand Awareness

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Chocolate marketers are exploding every angle to sell their products but are not necessarily acting unprincipled but are doing their job. With all this cut-throat competition, they need to push their boundaries to be visible as someone unique.

Consumers also need to research and not be mislead by these marketing schemes. There are honest companies, who are transparent about their chocolate production process and other relevant information, which helps consumers look beyond marketing techniques. Visit http://lamontagnechocolate.com to check the varieties of delicious and tempting chocolate flavors offered.

Turn-off chocolate marketing techniques

Many chocolate marketers are unaware about the promotional moves they make. Below are some of them you need to avoid, which averts chocolate consumers.

5% or 10% discount seems like an insult

Do your math, 5% discount means saving of $1 and 10% to $2. Premium chocolate consumers are happy with the packaging and price but don’t like to be regarded as fools. They don’t get excited with this 5% or 10% discount. This unsatisfying saving offers can backlash complain image as ‘cheap’. It is better not to offer discount and keep company name intact. Instead offer free shipping or 20% discounts just for special events or occasions.

Unwanted emails are frustrating

Emails are good communication tools for informing loyal consumers about the latest products send invitations, encourage following on social media, etc. Customers are thrilled, only if the subscribed with the company. Sending emails against recipients wish will add your company name in the black list category of desperate company forcing products down consumer’s throat. Therefore, stop email address collection of unaware internet users but concentrate on more targeted and less invasive promotional strategies like Instagram and Facebook ads.

Bulk buying discounts façade is not funny

Bulk buying discounts are aimed to persuade buyers buy more than originally planned. Some online chocolate companies provide multiple bar packages or baskets at disguised discounted price. For example, a gift package includes 6 chocolates for $59 and a single chocolate costs $10. Savings is only up to $1.

When you make consumers pay price in full then this is a disappointing and ineffective aspect. Instead offer 10% discount on 4 or more chocolate bars.

Chocolate consumer’s loyalty gets underestimated, so they choose millions of other options available. There is no encouragement for consumers loyalty, which can be seen in loyalty programs offered by food chains, airline, or clothing industry. The chocolate manufacturers need to be made aware off the fact that attaining new business costs five to ten times more than engaging an existing customer.  Incorporating a loyalty program can be rewarding to encourage consumers.

Use marketing the right way, so as to make consumers keep coming back.

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