Save Money in Your Office Without Laying Anybody Off

Save Money in Your Office Without Laying Anybody Off

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When it comes to cutting costs in a company the first point of call is the employee budget. After all, they can all work harder, right? Wrong!

Laying Off staff to cut office costs is a bad idea when it comes to your employee morale and can have serious negative impacts on your business and your bottom line.

If you are in the position of looking for ways to cut office costs, below are some suggestions which don’t involve firing anybody.

Office Supplies

When it comes to budgets, your stationery budget is going to be the most bloated. The reason is that the majority of employees are certain that they need the best gel tipped pen they can buy to write their daily notes along with requiring patterned post-it notes to keep their memos organized.

However, as any responsible business owner knows, this simply isn’t true and only the bare essentials are required to do the job.

With this in mind, take to your stationery budget and look for items which can easily be swapped for a more economical alternative. Pens provide the perfect example, with the difference in price between high-end pens and basic pens being drastic!

Corporate Cars

While it is convenient having a few cars on hand in the event that your staff need to work off-site or attend a meeting, the registration, maintenance, cleaning, and general upkeep costs of the vehicle can quickly add up on your monthly budget.

Consider sites like the Groupon Coupons page for Hertz which allows you to hire a range of vehicle types at discounted prices. Even better for your business is that none of the associated costs are yours to pay. While this method may mean a little more planning from your workforce, the cost savings will be well worth it.

Of course, this isn’t limited to just cars. If you are taking your staff to a retreat then instead of hiring an expensive tour company, consider using platforms like this for minivans and people-movers.

Reduce to Three

If you have more than three service providers in your budget then you have too many. The reason for this is because the fewer services you have with a provider, the more expensive their rates.

Instead, make a list of the services you pay for each month and then speak with your provider about which of them they are able to manage for you.

For example, your internet service provider can likely also host your website, manage your PABX system in the cloud, along with managing a range of cell phones for your staff. All of this can happen under one account and appear on one easy to understand invoice each month.

Consolidating your provider until there are only three is a great way to reduce your operational costs.

When it comes to keeping your office costs down, these are just some of the quick and effective ways you can do it without having to release any of your dependable and consciousness workforce.

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