Quick Facts worth Knowing About Melbourne-Based Sparkle Cleaning Service

Quick Facts worth Knowing About Melbourne-Based Sparkle Cleaning Service

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As a facility manager or an entrepreneur, you have many roles to play. However, there’s one aspect that you cannot afford to ignore – workplace cleaning and maintenance. A clean and sanitary office fosters productivity and can create an instant impression on customers and visitors. If you look online for commercial cleaning services Melbourne, you will find a bunch of options, but how to select one? Experts recommend hiring a service that’s rated well and has the necessary expertise and resources. Sparkle Office is one of the best commercial cleaning companies in the region, and you have more than a few reasons to choose them.

About Sparkle Office

Sparkle Office or Sparkle Cleaning Service is one of the promising names in the cleaning industry. For more than a decade, the company has been serving commercial and residential clients in Melbourne and is known for their incredible customer support. Their offices are based out of French St, Victoria, Australia, but serve most parts of Melbourne. They also bring their own supplies and equipment, and they have spent considerably on their resources. In fact, their 300+ team of cleaners and janitors are selected after a long process, and after the recruitment, the company spends considerably for the training.

Getting a quote

If you need a quote for commercial cleaning Melbourne, Sparkle Office will be happy to help. However, they are not like your standard cleaning company. In fact, the days of getting a fixed price for any office cleaning work is gone. Sparkle Office will send someone to discuss your requirements, and if required, they can also offer assistance with deep cleaning as well. What’s great is the level of transparency they have maintained so far, and therefore, there are no concerns related to additional or hidden charges. The terms and conditions of their services are also mentioned in detail.

Sparkle Office is accessible via their website, email and on phone. You can check their portal to find more details on their work and clients, and they are also open to sharing references on request. With incredible services and quality support, they have set new standards in the local industry, and from here on, things will only get better. Getting an estimate or checking their services doesn’t cost a penny, so look up for Sparkle Office online and ask them to offer cleaning solutions for your workplace. At the end of the day, a clean office just feels good!

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